Our products make a difference.

As the industry leader in post-up printable substrates, we pride ourselves in our ability to make your project easier with the use of our superior post-up products. It doesn't take an experienced graphics installer to achieve a beautiful, bubble free, posted graphic. Small Format, Large Format, or Grand Format digital printing applications, all benefit from our easy to print and install products. We know how hard you work to offer your clients high-quality, professional graphics at competitive prices. Our products were designed to help you to accomplish this task.

 Free Post is our product Brand name. Our brand name indicates a bubble-Free Post-up printable substrate. All of the materials of our Free Post brand install straight to the application surface without water or installation fluid. Simply  apply the printed Free Post material to the application surface and wipe it with your clean hand to remove all of the bubbles. You can even remove it and re-install it as many times as you like until you achieve the perfect position without thinking about bubbles. This makes our life better!

Our products make a difference in your life!

Free Post materials for wall applications

Our new an improved materials not only post up on acrylic and glass they also work great on most wall surfaces. Now you can post your graphic directly onto the wall. Just print it and place it on the wall and wipe away the bubbles with your hand! Available in both Wall-Lizard and Spider-Tac  FREE POST product lines. 

Free Post materials for window applications

Use our Wall-Lizard or Spider-Tac,Free Post materials to create the perfect window graphic. It is so quick and easy to install a bubble-free graphic on your windows with our new patent pending, materials. You have got to try it! Call us for samples today!

Free Post materials for acrylic applications

Apply a bubble free graphic to your acrylic signage surfaces to create beautiful professional looking graphics that can be easily installed and changed by store associates. Available in both Wall-Lizard or Spider-Tac materials. Wall-Lizard is our new microscopic suction technology post-up material and Spider-Tac is our new low-tack adhesive post-up material.

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